#1102-60 The German Market for Natural Cosmetics

February 2009, 116 pages,
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Private Labels Gaining Popularity.   
Retailer private labels of natural cosmetics are gaining in popularity as the German natural cosmetics market starts to mature.

Natural cosmetics have been launched under the private labels of supermarkets, drugstores, organic food retailers and discounters. Retailer private labels are gaining currency as the economic recession reduces consumer spending power; private label products are attractive to consumers as they are up to six times cheaper than branded products.

This updated report on the German natural cosmetics market reveals that natural products now comprise over 4 percent of total cosmetic sales. The market share is projected to rise to 10 percent in the coming years as consumer demand continues to strengthen.

Detailed market & competitive analysis is given on the following product categories:
Natural skin care products
Natural hair care products
Natural oral care products
Natural cosmetics
Other natural cosmetic products

Market information includes market size, market drivers & restraints, standards & certification issues, pricing & distribution analysis and sales channel breakdown. Market shares and profiles are given of the leading brands and retailers.

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