#1002-50 The European Market for Soya & Non-Dairy Drinks

October 2005, 237 pages
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Retailers Increase Shelf-Space to Meet Growing Demand for Non-Dairy Drinks.  
The growing popularity of soya & non-dairy drinks is responsible for sales to increase by over 20% per annum since the late 1990s.

Initially most consumer demand for non-dairy drinks was from Europeans suffering from lactose intolerance, however demand has broadened in recent years. Non-dairy drinks are increasingly bought as healthy alternatives to dairy milk. Manufacturers are focusing on new product development with new launches including soya juice mixes and fresh soya drinks.

Mainstream retailers account for most non-dairy drink sales with 64% market share. Dairy alternatives are becoming a category in supermarkets with many retailers adding chilled soya drinks and rice drinks to their product ranges. The launch of soya drinks under retailer private labels is causing a large rise in sales volume in the German and British markets. Supermarket private labels account for almost 60% of all soya drink sales in the UK.

The German non-dairy drinks market has overtaken the British market to become the largest in Europe in 2005. High growth is occurring in the German market partly because of discount stores launching non-dairy drinks under their private labels. A number of new entrants have come into the German market since 2001, causing a large rise in domestic production. New entrants have reduced the share of non-dairy drink imports from 82% in 2001 to about a half in 2005.

The largest market for chilled soya drinks is in the UK. The British market has doubled every two years due to the popularity of chilled soya drinks as fresh alternatives to dairy milk. Manufacturers and retailers continue to launch new products with private labels competing with manufacturer brands on supermarket shelves.

The fastest growing non-dairy drinks market is in Spain. High growth rates have attracted large food companies to come into the Spanish market and launch soya drinks. Leche Pascual, a leading dairy, has maintained market leadership since its entry in 2002 due to its pricing strategy. New product launches, especially soya juice mixes, characterise the Spanish market.

This updated report on the European non-dairy drinks market outlines key strategies to companies looking to realise business opportunities. Market & competitive information is given for soya drinks, rice drinks, oat drinks and nut drinks.

Contents of each country chapter (UK, France, Germany,include market sizes, revenue forecasts, distribution & pricing trends, sales channels, market shares of producers, and profiles of leading producers & retailers.

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