#1002-41 The European Market for Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Aug 2008, 139 pages
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Organic Fruit & Vegetables Market Strengthens.   
High consumer demand for organic foods is propelling fresh fruit & vegetable sales across Europe. High growth rates have increased the market share of organic products above 5 percent of fresh produce sales in some countries.

Retailer initiatives and high consumer demand for health & nutritious foods are fuelling market growth. High demand is also coming from food processors and foodservice companies, with a growing number of catering firms using fresh organic produce. Although organic vegetables comprise most sales volume, the organic fruit sector is showing the fastest growth. Retailers are expanding their organic fruit ranges as more products – especially tropical & exotic varieties – become available.

Fresh fruit & vegetables are the largest category in the European organic food industry. The category leads since products like apples, carrots and potatoes are typically the first organic products bought by consumers as their fresh nature appeals to consumers seeking healthy & chemical-free foods.

This report analyses the organic fruit & vegetables market in 17 European countries. Detailed market & competitive information is given for the following product categories:
Organic vegetables
Organic top fruit
Organic stone fruit
Organic citrus fruit
Organic tropical & exotic fruits

Market information provided includes market size, revenue forecasts, market drivers & restraints, import & export statistics, pricing trends, supply chain analysis, sales channel breakdown and consumer behaviour. Profiles are given of the leading importers, suppliers and retailers. Strategic recommendations are given to organic food suppliers, exporters and new entrants.

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