#1001-52 The European Market for Soya & Non-Dairy Desserts

November 2005, 72 pages
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Ice-Cream Star Performer in Non-Dairy Desserts Market.
The market for soya & non-dairy ice-cream is the fastest growing in the non-dairy desserts sector, increasing by over 30% per year.

The major drivers of market growth are widening availability and elevated consumer demand for dairy alternatives. Although most demand is from consumers suffering from food allergies, a growing number of consumers are turning to dairy alternatives because of health concerns and ethical considerations. Retailers are responding by adding non-dairy desserts to their free-from product ranges.

The highest growth is being observed in the British and French markets, which comprise over 60% of European revenues. A wide assortment of non-dairy desserts can be found in supermarkets and specialist retailers in these countries.

This report examines the non-dairy desserts market in the five largest European countries. Market & competitive information is given for the non-dairy yoghurt, ice-cream and other desserts market. The study finds that yoghurts are the most successful partly because their fresh nature appeals to consumers seeking health foods. Soya yoghurts comprise most revenues, however the market share is in decline due to high growth in the ice-cream segment.

New product development is also driving market growth with a growing number of non-soya based products being launched by manufacturers. New product launches in the last 18 months include oat-based and rice-based ice-creams. Non-soya dairy alternatives are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for product variety.

Market sizes and revenue forecasts are given for each product segment. The study predicts the German and Spanish markets to show the highest growth in the coming years. Consumer demand for dairy alternatives is rising rapidly in these countries, and desserts are expected to follow the success of non-dairy drinks. The report gives strategies and recommendations to existing producers and new entrants.

Country Coverage: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain
Product Segments: Yoghurts, Ice-Cream, Other Desserts

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