Brazil: New Organic Cosmetics Bill Approved

The Senate Bill 532/2015 proposed by Senator Marta Suplicy, has been approved by the Committee on Transparency, Governance, Supervision and Control and Consumer Protection (CTFC) of the Brazilian Senate.

According to the new bill, organic cosmetic products must have their raw materials certified according to Organic Agriculture Regulation (10.831/2003) or be produced by an organic or sustainable farming process that is not detrimental to local ecosystems.

According to Senator Suplicy, there is currently no regulation in Brazil for the registration and commercialization of organic cosmetics. “The lack of regulation for organic cosmetics negatively affects the relationship between producers and consumers, it makes more difficult to control the products and it weakens the competitiveness of Brazilian companies on domestic and international markets,” said the senator.

According to Senator Eduardo Lopes, this legal loophole is detrimental to the consumers as there is currently no rule in Brazil to determine what is an organic cosmetic.

The new bill states the production of organic cosmetic ingredients should “whenever possible comply with organic and mechanical farming methods, as opposed to the use of synthetic materials, it should prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms and ionizing radiation at any stage of the production, transformation, storage, distribution and marketing processes, and aim at protecting the environment.”

Ecovia Intelligence Comment
Brazil has been in an unusual position for many years. It introduced national regulations for organic agriculture and organic products in January 2011 which put controls and restrictions on the ‘organic cosmetics’ term. Although there were no standards for organic cosmetics. Many imported organic cosmetic brands, meeting universally accepted standards like Ecocert and Natrue, have been prevented from making organic claims since.

It remains to be seen how the new national regulation compares to international standards for organic cosmetics. Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor) believes it is likely the national regulation will be based on the upcoming ISO (16128) standard for natural & organic cosmetics and ingredients.

An update on natural & organic cosmetic standards will be given in the upcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, hosted in Paris on 6-8th November. More details are on the website

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Source: Premium Beauty News / Agência Senado / Ecovia Intelligence (17/08)