France: Organic Market Shows Strong Growth

While the French are sticklers for tradition when it comes to their love affair with wine, cheese and saucisson, the future of French cuisine appears to be organic.

In the country famous for its food (and eating habits), the consumption of organic products in 2016 was up by nearly 22 percent on the previous year, bringing in EUR 7.1 billion. By comparison, in 1999, the revenue brought in by the organic food market brought in just short of EUR 1 billion, with these figures also taking into account the restaurant industry.

“In 15 years, the market has become seven fold,” the director of France’s agency for the development and promotion of organic farming (l’Agence Bio), Florent Guhl said at an industry conference.

Domestic organic products consumption accounts for EUR 6.7 billion of the market with people largely visiting large supermarkets and specialist shops for their organic purchases. The number of organic products available has gone up by 12 percent from 2015 to 2016.

Ecovia Comment
France has the second largest market for organic products in Europe. High growth is continuing, raising the market share of organic foods to almost 4 percent. Strong domestic demand is expected to continue, however there remain questions about supply: will there be enough organic products? Demand is outpacing supply in many European countries.

An update on the global organic food & drink market is regularly given at the Sustainable Foods Summit. The Latin American edition will take place in São Paulo on 18-20th September, whilst the Asia-Pacific edition will be hosted in Singapore on 28-29th November. More details are on the website

Source: The Local / Ecovia (02/06)