New Ocean Plastic Kit for Real Madrid

Adidas has debut its third football kit with Real Madrid, made entirely of thread consisting of ocean plastic, made in collaboration with Parley. The new kit was unveiled together with the football club’s new fictional FIFA game player, Alex Hunter.

In a tweet, the football club tagged both adidas and Parley. Parley is a global network which aims to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of the oceans, and collaborates on projects that can end ocean destruction.

The move follows its recent release of its Z.N.E Hoodie, also made with Parley Ocean Plastic yarn. The product was also accompanied with a campaign featuring French swimming athlete Coralie Balmy and Brazilian swimming athlete João de Lucca, in an urban swimming environment.

Adidas and Parley first partnered in 2015, in a bid to transform plastic intercepted from beaches and in coastal environments into high-performance sportswear, “from threat to thread”.

This is also not the first time adidas and Parley have also created football kits. Most recently, it created the third football kit for rival Juventus last month. The design incorporates various shades of gray with the iconic Juventus logo standing out in yellow born from the collaboration between adidas and Parley for the Oceans, a statement read.

Ecovia Intelligence Comment
Parley and adidas are applauded for this new initiative. Ocean plastic is a major concern with over 8 million tonnes of plastics entering the ocean each year. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the amount of plastic in the sea will outnumber fish by 2050.

A small but growing number of green brands have started to use ocean plastic in their product packaging. Ecover, the green home care company, has been a pioneer with its ocean plastic bottle. REN Skincare and Galileo Watermark are two natural personal care companies that are also using ocean plastic.

Approaches to reduce the packaging impact (including ocean plastic) are regularly featured at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit and Sustainable Foods Summit.

Source: Marketing Interactive / Ecovia Intelligence (07/08)