Chile Enters EU Organic Agreement

Chile has signed an agreement with the European Union to facilitate trade in organic products, the first such bilateral recognition between the EU and a Latin American country. The deal means both sides will mutually recognise the equivalence of their organic production rules and controls and ensure a high level of respect of the principle […]

Brazil: Natura’s Green Logistics Scheme

  Natura’s green logistics scheme has prevented emissions of 24,700 kg of CO2 equivalent. According to the cosmetics company, this corresponds to four car laps around the Earth. Its green logistics scheme involves the use of sustainable vehicles, such as electric cars or bicycles, to deliver the company’s products in urban areas of São Paulo, […]

Ghana: Organic Banana Production Stepping up

  Compagnie Fruitière is ramping up its organic banana production in Ghana in a bid to keep up with growth in the organic food market. The fruit supplier, which has extensive banana and pineapple growing operations in West Africa, will plant around 100 additional hectares of organic bananas in the coming year. The expansion of […]