Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Clean Beauty & Veganism Potential

31 May 2023
London, UK

Masterclass Overview

Demand for clean beauty and natural products continues to strengthen. Consumers are seeking plant-based cosmetics as they become more concerned about health, ethical & environmental issues. 

This masterclass discusses the opportunities with clean, natural & vegan cosmetics. What does  clean beauty mean? How is the veganism trend translating into demand for plant-based cosmetics? What are the most popular certification schemes & standards for such products? What is the growth outlook for natural, organic and vegan cosmetics? Such questions will be addressed in this masterclass.

Morning Seminars
The latest data will be presented on the UK & global market for natural and organic cosmetics. Market trends & developments will be given, as well as future projections. An update will be given on leading standards for natural & organic cosmetics, as well as vegan products. A case study is given of a pioneering clean beauty brand, followed by marketing and consumer insights.   

Afternoon Workshop
This workshop tackles the technical issues associated with developing natural & clean beauty products. Details are given of the contentious synthetic ingredients such products avoid, as well as green alternatives. An overview will be given of key functional ingredients that can be used in authentic natural cosmetic products. The issues associated with using such ingredients will be discussed, as well as guidance on how to develop effective ‘green formulations’.

The masterclass is designed for cosmetic brands & manufacturers, formulators, ingredient suppliers, investors, certification agencies and related organisations.

Reasons to Attend
The Masterclass will address the following questions:

  • What are the business openings with clean beauty & natural products?
  • What is the growth outlook for the UK & global natural cosmetics market?
  • How is veganism translating into demand for plant-based cosmetics?
  • Why are consumers seeking clean, natural & vegan cosmetics?
  • What are the marketing & distribution issues associated with clean & natural products?
  • What are the leading certification schemes & standards?
  • What raw materials are not permitted by popular standards & labelling schemes?
  • What green materials can be used to formulated certified products?
  • How do you overcome formulation issues when developing clean, natural or organic cosmetic products? 
  • How can brands re-formulate to remove contentious chemicals from their formulations?
  • What is the future outlook for this emerging sector?


 Masterclass Fee  
 One session   EUR 359 (GB £299)
 2 sessions: full programme*  EUR 539 (GB £449) 

* Early booking rate for full programme ends 31st December 2022.

Prices are inclusive of delegate pack and networking breaks.
The masterclass has capacity of 50 delegates so advance booking is strongly recommended.

The Masterclass will be hosted at Regent’s University, London. Located at Regent’s Park, Central London, it is accessible by most forms of transport.

Exhibitor & sponsorship opportunities
A limited number of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available to meet this highly targeted audience.

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